ELC Summer programme 2024

We are excited to offer our Summer Festival of Arts, with a selection of enriching and meaningful experiences. 

Creative Kindergarteners
Through process-based art experiences, the children will embark on a colourful journey of self-expression and discovery. With creativity as their compass, they will explore the boundless possibilities of the Hundred Languages - including paint, clay, and other tactile mediums. Paint splattered in the style of Jackson Pollock, wire sculptures mimicking the intricate works of Alexander Calder, and pastel work using the shapes of Wassily Kandinsky are just some of the places we will find inspiration as we learn more about artistic expression. Throughout this exciting adventure through art history, the children will not only cultivate their artistic skills but also nurture their curiosity, resilience, and sense of wonder, laying the foundation for artistic appreciation and a love of the process of creation.
Culinary Connections
Dive into the world of the culinary arts as we explore cuisines and cultures from around the world. Through a variety of sensory activities, engaging recipes, expressive languages, and imaginative play, your child will develop an appreciation for the importance of nutrition and the role that food plays within communities. With hands-on experiences in measurement, cooking, and global citizenship, your little chef will come away from this experience with a newfound appreciation for how they source and experience food. Join us for an adventure of delicious discovery!
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Summer Programme Registration

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