ELC Summer programme 2024

We are excited to offer our Summer Festival of Arts at The Purple Elephant, with a selection of enriching and meaningful experiences. All children from aged 18 months to 3 years are welcomed to join.



The bright colours, textures, smells and tastes of fruits and vegetables are inviting to the senses. 

Exploring food is crucial for toddlers as it plays a central role in their physical, cognitive, and social development. Firstly, it helps them develop their senses, allowing them to explore different tastes, textures, colors, and smells, contributing to their sensory development and laying the groundwork for healthy eating habits later in life. Secondly, it promotes fine motor skills as grasp, scoop, and manipulate food with their hands and utensils, strengthening hand muscles and hand-eye coordination, crucial for activities like writing and self-care tasks.

Food exploration also offers opportunities for learning and language development, introducing new words to describe tastes, textures, and food items, while fostering understanding of concepts like size, shape, and quantity. The context in which we engage with food influences the roles we play; are we a parent preparing dinner or a baby eating, a chef in a gourmet restaurant or a patron waiting to order, a street food vendor serving noodles or a farmer tending to our garden? 

Exploring food can be a social activity, encouraging children to engage in mealtime routines with family members and peers. This fosters social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and table manners, while also providing opportunities for bonding and communication with caregivers. 



natural work


The wonders of the natural world beckon our senses to engage: to look, touch, smell, and feel. Within our enchanting garden lies a realm of exploration and inquiry. Here, natural materials serve as versatile elements, awaiting the imaginative touch of children; a leaf transforms into a vessel, an aircraft, or a canvas for creative expression. 

The diverse array of colours, lines, shapes, growth patterns, and fractal formations found in nature nurture each child’s burgeoning comprehension. Patterns, in particular, aid children in structuring thoughts and establishing a sense of order in their lives. They pave the way for the development of mathematical vocabulary and cognitive concepts. As children begin to discern patterns in nature and existence, they bring a profound sense of harmony to their inner worlds.


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