ELC Summer programme 2024

We are excited to offer our Summer Festival of Arts, with a selection of enriching and meaningful experiences. 

Global Geographers
The children will step into habitats from around the globe as we work together to form connections between habitats, ourselves, and the world around us. The first week will focus on engaging in research and exploring various habitats through the lenses of scientists and artists. The second week will extend to diving deeper into creating habitats and using our prior knowledge to develop our own small-world habitat. The children will have the opportunity to develop and create maps, work with 3D printing, engage in dramatic play, and extend their literacy skills across both weeks.
Future Entrepreneurs
Unleash the ingenuity of young minds as they delve into the exciting world of entrepreneurship! With our program, children will embark on a thrilling journey of discovering local business owners and conceptualising their own innovative ventures. From brainstorming to execution, they will experience the thrill of designing, producing, and marketing their very own product or service. Get ready to witness the magic of youthful creativity as they turn their dreams into reality.
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Summer Programme Registration

Select the week(s) that you would like your child to attend. Please complete 1 form for each child.