OUR Alumni

The impact a school has on a child’s life beyond its own walls is, in essence, education’s goal: at ELC we help cultivate the dispositions, skills, and aspirations of children so they can become competent, confident, and kind human beings and they can unlock their full potential. ELC is a ‘partner for life’ for your child; we are thinking about your child’s needs before they come to us, while they are with us, and how we best prepare and place them in their next phase of education and development. Who better to talk to, to see how ELC has shaped them in this way, than our alumni?

Three of ELC children from 2022-23 academic year, Pippa, Ray, and Lana, kindly agreed to be interviewed about their ELC experiences and how they are navigating life at NIST, ISB, and Bangkok Patana, respectively.

How would you say that being at ELC has helped you transition into your new middle/high school?

Pippa: ELC has helped me prepare for middle school with good teamwork skills, leadership skills, and the growth mindset that has helped me throughout the year such as helping me become a student leader in my year at NIST.

Ray: My experience at ELC has helped me transition to ISB in so many ways! ELC has helped me develop my language and speaking competencies by providing me with a great education and helping me learn many skills. It has also improved my social skills by giving me wonderful experiences with all my best friends and teachers.

Lana: ELC has helped me in math, literacy, and has helped me grow ideas and learn so much. Now that I’m in Bangkok Patana, I am getting high scores, and I would like to give the credit to ELC.

– Pippa

– Ray

What did you enjoy most about your time at ELC? And what was your favourite memory?

Pippa: My favourite memory at ELC is playing football with my friends because it was so much fun; they all helped me improve my skills and now I’ve got a lot better thanks to them.

Ray: What I enjoyed most about ELC was having such a fantastic learning experience and making so many friends, as well as getting to know the teachers – I will never forget them.

Lana: I have a lot of good memories, like walking into school every day, and having literacy and math. But my favourite memory is our Year 4 field trip to Kanchanaburi; it was so much fun to stay overnight and hang out with my friends all day.

Beyond academic pursuits, what will you take with you from ELC through life?

Pippa: Something that I will always remember from ELC is how much my friends and teachers supported me throughout my journey, and the supportive community that we have made.

Ray: I believe that from ELC, I will always carry my great friendships and learning with me throughout life.

Lana: ELC has made me connect and ‘click’ with books. I have learned many new reading skills because of ELC from the lower-level books to full chapter books, and everything that I can read now.

– Lana