International Toddler Programme in Bangkok I 18 months - 3 years

The Purple Elephant 39

a school just like home

Our children, aged eighteen months to three years, engage in meaningful play and learning in a playground created especially for them, one that reflects the time when The Purple Elephant was first conceived. For children who have the privilege of playing in such an environment, it is a comfortable transition to ‘The City School’ located just around the corner – and what a delight it is to see our oldest graduates returning with their own children and reliving the experience they had when they themselves were young.

The Purple Elephant 39


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We respond to the curious nature of young children who are ready to explore their world by providing them with rich experiences that encourage a ‘sense of wonder’.

Our approach to learning is extraordinary!

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Our preschool programme


Each child brings to school unique life experiences that are respected for their diversity, and all are considered to be brimming with potential.

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A lifetime experience

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I am a seasoned early childhood educator and school leader with 42 years of experience, originally from Quebec City, Canada. I grew up in a bilingual household as the youngest child of 7, my professional journey has taken me from Vancouver to Maui and finally to Bangkok in 1992, where I started as a K1 teacher at The City School.  In 1997,  I played a key role in opening the first Purple Elephant on Thonglor Soi 1. Holding a Preschool Supervisor Degree, my expertise and Reggio-inspired approach emphasizes a child-centered, experiential learning environment.  As a school administrator and director, I can blend my international exposure with a deep understanding of the challenges and joys of early childhood development, further enriched by my role as a mother of two. I am committed to creating a supportive and enriching environment, believing that education is a lifelong journey filled with discovery and wonder.



The constant driving force in my personal and professional life has always been my curiosity about the way in which we interact and connect with the world and people around us. I was introduced to elements of the Reggio Emilia approach early on in my career and my mentors consistently impressed upon me the importance of the image of the child and its impact on our interactions with children. Believing that children come to us capable and full of potential has shaped my practice over the years, allowing me the privilege to view the world through their eyes. 

My career in education has brought me from Canada to the Middle East and finally to Thailand in 2014. I joined The City School with the intention of deepening my understanding of children’s learning and the Reggio philosophy. This decision would subsequently sow the seeds of the next chapter of my career as the Project Coordinator for The Purple Elephant schools. Through co-constructing projects with children, I have gained a greater awareness of the environment as the third teacher. Taking time to reflect, collaborate, and plan spaces that inspire wonder and investigation has been an ever expanding area of personal research. Mentoring educators has also offered me the opportunity to better understand project development and continually open my mind to new perspectives and insights. Within our collaborations, we are constantly working towards developing a wider sense of community between each of our schools through our projects. I look forward to what the future has in store as we continue to learn and grow together.


A warm school that feels just like home.

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