The Purple Elephant 55

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The Purple Elephant@55, located at the end of a quiet soi in Thonglor embodies the importance of relationships. The glass connecting  the various spaces inside and out pays homage to the connectedness that reinforces the pedagogy of relationships, in turn supporting more meaningful learning for those fortunate to find themselves gracing  her environs. Meanwhile, the bamboo play structure enhances the beauty derived from using natural materials and reinforces the blending of old with new, pristine and perfect with recycled and repurposed, creating a lovely ambience in this stunning environment that is designed for children from eighteen months to three years of age.


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Preschool & Early Years | Purple Elephant 49 International School Bangkok
Entrance of school
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Enviroment | Purple Elephant 49 International School Bangkok
Classrooms: A peaceful balance
Building | Purple Elephant 55 International School Bangkok
connecting inside and out

Enchanting enviroment

Enchanting Enviroment | The Purlple Elephant 39 International School Bangkok
Enchanting Enviroment

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We respond to the curious nature of young children by providing them with rich experiences that encourage 'a sense of wonder'.

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We offer a rich early childhood learning environment for children from 18 months to 3 years of age.

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Student Services & Wellbeing

Highly qualified professionals provide support & services, both inside and outside the classroom, to students and families.

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