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Student Services and Wellbeing

Student Services & Wellbeing

ELC respects the right of every child to be educated. Teachers who believe that all children can learn view teaching as a process of discovering each child’s secret. In the process of discovery, we work collaboratively with families to follow an inclusive approach to learning and to the best of our ability will include children with special rights and abilities. In this endeavour we provide Learning Support, Enriched Learning, Speech Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Play Therapy and English as an Additional Language instruction.

our team offers

In-house support:

A comprehensive team of specialists who collaboratively work together under one roof at ELC.

Highly qualified specialists:

All our professionals are highly qualified and with a wealth of experience.

Effective communication:

Open lines of communication between specialists, parents and teachers result in efficient support for the student, benefitting the child’s learning and wellbeing.

Learning Support & Enriched Learning

Learning Support and Enriched Learning are provided both as in-class support, and withdrawals. This allows for differentiation in Reading, Writing and Mathematics, allowing for each child to be challenged at their own level, and promoting inclusion and cohesion within the classroom.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

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EAL is offered to support children in listening, speaking, reading and writing as they acquire English as an additional language. To accelerate language acquisition and to assist with equal access to the curriculum, ELC provides a combination of in-class support and withdrawal sessions. Withdrawal sessions provide direct instruction outside the usual classroom environment to improve language skills and confidence. In-class support allows the EAL child to remain with their peers in class while receiving the necessary help and support.

School-based Therapy Support

Speech and Language Therapy
Play Therapy
Occupational Therapy

We work collaboratively with families to follow an inclusive approach to learning. We believe that having an in-house robust support system provides children with opportunities for growth that intertwine with life in the classroom. Extra services offered include: Speech and Language Therapy, Play Therapy, Occupational Therapy

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ELC is committed to the wellbeing of the members of our community; through supporting the community we support our students and we strive for increased awareness and advocacy to ensure we all feel responsible and empowered to make our children safe, resilient and capable. All staff and members of our community are expected to understand the key issues in the policies for Anti-bullying, Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies

ELC respects the right of the child to be educated using the tools they need.

Alison Owen - from the UK
Head of Student Services and Wellbeing

Environmental Initiatives

In line with the Ontario curriculum, we are bringing environmental education into the classroom across the subject areas. Our students are actively engaged in initiatives within the classroom, from our Project journeys, in whole school events, through field trips, and in collaboration with other schools.

In order to maintain a healthy external and internal environment for our children we have in the past year installed air purifier units within the classroom and many common areas and use HEPA filter sheets on the air conditioning units. ELC has a rigorous approach to addressing air quality for the benefit of it students, with clear guidelines for when the air quality in Bangkok is poor.

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Our integrated, transdisciplinary approach along with our rich environment provides a setting for students to learn and flourish.


We offer a broad, and rigorous international curriculum for children from 3 to 11 years of age that seamlessly connects to top international schools worldwide.

Campus & Facilities

A lush garden for learning awaits the children where they can play, learn and explore in an enchanting environment.