The Purple Elephant 49

Approach preschool and early years

Small wonders,
Big Discoveries

We respond to the curious nature of young children by providing them with rich experiences that encourage a ‘sense of wonder’. With wondering comes discoveries that the children eagerly share with one other, their teachers, and their families.   They come to see themselves as part of an interactive world where they can build a rich and meaningful community with connections between home and school, and the world beyond. We believe that every child is born with the many languages of life, and that these languages are interactive by nature. The children are given many opportunities to investigate their ideas through these languages, making sense of their world, and sharing their perceptions with their friends.

an environment that inspires young thinkers

Our environment – a thoughtful, creative and wonder-filled environment – fuels the young child’s learning and imagining. The beautiful and inspiring spaces, both inside and out, are purposefully designed to encourage natural exploration, and heighten the curiosity of those fortunate enough to inhabit these environs. Exploring the variety of materials set out as intentional provocations, the children are given opportunities to investigate their ideas, inviting inquiry, dialogue and co-construction, and allowing the children to deepen and expand their knowledge.



Learning Centre | Purple Elephant 49 International School Bangkok
Exploring in the Garden
Material In The Garden | Purple Elephant 49 International School Bangkok
Creating enviroment for discovery
Project Light And Sound | Purple Elephant 49 International School Bangkok
Learn about light and sound
Atelier Of Light | Purple Elephant 49 International School Bangkok 02
Atelier of Light

dancing with light and sound

Light and sound give each space a poetic living identity producing a plethora of sensations and emotions. Equipped with natural curiosity, children encounter our carefully designed environments which provoke marvel and creative thinking. Slowing down, observing and listening, the children appreciate the designs of light, natural and artificial, and the varying acoustics around them. Raising awareness, making discoveries and building connections, the children take on the role of designers, designing with light and sounds to transform the spaces around them in enchanting ways.

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Learning Sounds | Purple Elephant 49 International School Bangkok
Exploring Sounds And Materials | Purple Elephant 49 International School Bangkok
Exploring Sounds | Purple Elephant 49 International School Bangkok
Music | Purple Elephant 49 International School Bangkok
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We offer a rich early childhood learning environment for children from 18 months to 3 years of age.

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Highly qualified professionals provide support & services, both inside and outside of the classroom, to students and families.

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Discover a beautiful and blissful bamboo forest right in the heart of Bangkok.

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