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Atelier of Nature

Knowing and understanding nature is vital for the future citizens of our world as it evokes respect and empathy developing attitudes of care and love.

Complex encounters and transformations in nature offer a wealth of proposals to the curious observer. In fact, many scientists are emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies in their quest to design sustainable solutions.

Encouraging children and adults to slow down, wonder and perceive through all senses, the atelier of nature is a space to appreciate and discover the often ignored magic of reality. Engaging with the beautiful environment around us offers a multitude of experiences, both scientific and aesthetic, with extraordinary learning potential.

ELC Atelier Of Nature Classroom | City School International School Bangkok
Elc Atelier Of Nature Made By The Children | City School International School Bangkok

In autumn, I close my jacket and the leaves do the same; they close their skin and it gives beautiful colours.

Liza -The Netherlands
-Exploring theories of photosynthesis

Using both traditional and technological languages, children and adults better understanding and interpret the harmony, beauty and diversity in our surroundings.