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Children who are members of a nurturing, collaborative community of young inquirers develop a sense of belonging, and an understanding of their own identity, voice and feelings that leads to optimal development and learning. This, and the relationships they form with aesthetically pleasing settings, their teachers and families, becomes the foundation for life-long learning that embraces fair-mindedness, inclusion, and the cultural values and practices embedded in every environment they encounter.

Each child brings to the centre unique life experiences that are respected for their diversity, and all are considered to be brimming with potential – potential that is supported by an approach to teaching that takes full advantage of the physical space to develop mental and physical abilities as well as the foundational knowledge required for later literacy and numeracy.

Purposeful play, one of the most effective ways young children learn, capitalises on the child’s natural curiosity, joy, and sense of wonder. Play here is child-centred, engaging, and enhances development in all the domains: physical, social, emotional, communicative and cognitive.

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We respond to the curious nature of young children by providing them with rich experiences that encourage 'a sense of wonder'.

Student Services & Wellbeing

Highly qualified professionals provide support & services in and outside the classroom, to students and families.

Campus & Facilities

Discover the tranquillity of our location and lovingly landscaped flower gardens.