03 Elc Book Character Parade


Elephant Trunk Awards and Book Character Parade

25 March 2023

The culmination of our month long Festival of Children’s Literature arrived with our Elephant Trunk Awards and Book Character Parade. The winning books this year are: 

01 Elc Elephant Trunk Awards 1

Mell Fell (K1-K2), Margaret’s Unicorn (Y1-3), and The Sad Little Fact (Y4-6) – worthy recipients voted for by all the children! 

Braving the summer heat, our children and teachers brought us so many colourful characters that we cherish; can you spot amongst them a Hungry Caterpillar, DogMan, Jack and the Beanstalk, Dr. Seuss’s eponymous hero (or two!), and some visitors from Alice’s Wonderland.

02 Elc Book Character Parade
03 Elc Book Character Parade
04 Elc Book Character Parade
05 Elc Book Character Parade
06 Elc Book Character Parade


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