Parent Workshop

How to support your child in their learning journey

At ELC, we believe that parents are essential partners in the teaching and learning process. Close cooperation between teachers and parents is integral to creating a positive and productive learning environment for your child.

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Morning Meeting at ELC

How do our Morning Meetings set a child up for social-emotional and academic success?

The Morning Meeting is a crucial daily ritual for the children that integrates and solidifies their social and academic learning and their sense of belonging; it is a ‘foundation for every lesson, every transition time, every lining-up, every upset and conflict, all day and all year long.’ (Kriete, 2002).

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Elc Positive Parenting. (2)

Positive Parenting Workshop

ELC regularly runs workshops for parents on a variety of different topics, and most recently we held a Positive Parenting workshop, led by our new Head of Student Services and Well-Being, Gea Marijke Visscher.

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