How to support your child in their learning journey

At ELC, we believe that parents are essential partners in the teaching and learning process. Close cooperation between teachers and parents is integral to creating a positive and productive learning environment for your child, and together we strive to build a community and culture which respects childhood as a time to explore, create, and be joyful, and ensures the security and social-emotional wellbeing of your child. 

As part of our student support programme in our Bangkok schools, we are delighted to offer a series of Parent Workshops to share our best practice teaching and learning approaches at ELC, beginning with the importance of relationships and the neuroscience of learning, before we explore our particular approaches to literacy and mathematics.

We welcome all ELC parents to join our Early Years programme in Bangkok so you and your child can be empowered at home to maximise their years at school and unlock their full potential.

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stories from ELC

Year 4 Project: Journeys of Wisdom
For their Project this year, our Year 4 children embarked on an extraordinary journey into outer space. Each journey, we believe, is a repository of knowledge and wisdom. We live in a world abundant with data and information, but wisdom is scarce, and this became an anchor point in their Project journey. Inspired by the James Webb Telescope, and talks with NASA expert, the children set about to design their very own exoplanet.