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Category: Events

2024 Carnival of Cultures
We celebrated some of the many beautifully diverse cultures in our City School community with our annual Carnival of Cultures. The children had their ‘passports' ready to be stamped as they took a trip around the world; they visited the USA, UK, Netherlands, Thailand, Taiwan, Italy, Iran, Canada, India, and Nepal, to learn about their cultures and arts through hands-on activities.
Ayutthaya Field Trip
Our Year 5 and 6 children recently enjoyed a residential field trip to Ayutthaya, becoming explorers, historians, and archaeologists - all the whilst making lasting memories with their friends.
Wan Wai Khru
Every school year, our children pay their respects to all our wonderful ELC educators, to express their gratitude and appreciation for the role they play in their lives.
Wonderland, The Musical!
We are so incredibly proud of all the children from Year 3-6, who worked so diligently over many months to delight us last week with their fantastic drama production of 'Wonderland, The Musical!'
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