Wan Wai Khru

Every school year at our international preschool in Bangkok, our children pay their respects to all our wonderful ELC educators, to express their gratitude and appreciation for the role they play in their lives. Our teachers understand the importance of building relationships with the children and their families and together create a close-knit, respectful, and warm community.

Today the children honoured their teachers with beautiful performances from Year 4 and 5 on the Thai musical instruments ‘Glong Tad’ กลองทัด and ‘Khim’ ขิม, followed by Thai dances from Year 1 and 2. Our Year 6 children were given the opportunity to share their favourite memories and experiences during their time here as they soon bid a farewell to ELC.
Back in the classrooms, our children presented their teachers with offerings of flowers.

We are proud of the high-quality teachers we have at ELC. Thank you to all our wonderful educators for all that you do!

Elc Wan Wai Khru 01
Elc Wan Wai Khru 03
Elc Wan Wai Khru 04
Elc Wan Wai Khru 05
Elc Wan Wai Khru 06
Elc Wan Wai Khru 07

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