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The Elephant’s Trunk Awards is a much anticipated event that takes place during ‘The Festival of Children’s Literature’ held every year during the month of March. Sharing a love of picture books is something dear to our hearts, and it is delightful to see our students of all ages participate with such enthusiasm around the love of reading.

Each and every child’s input is valued as they cast their vote to determine the winners from the three different categories chosen for this literary event. One can find the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners on display in the library, along with all the other books that were carefully selected in each of the categories.

Elc Elephant Trunk Awards | City School

Book Parade
The winners are announced at ‘The ‘Character Parade’, the last day of ‘The Festival of Literature’, after which time all the books are released for circulation in ‘The Hatchery, our much loved library housed in hundred-year-old Lanna houses.

The winning authors and illustrators
The winning authors and illustrators are always informed by us that their book has been chosen, and more often than not they respond to us with appreciation. These emails are shared with our students.

The students are always delighted to hear back from the authors.

“Peter is very humbled to hear that he has won the Elephant’s Trunk Award. He is now certainly interested in visiting Thailand, and ELC.

what a great event!”

Jill Yeomans
Peter Brown’s Studio

Response from the winning author
“The Invisible Boy, was an important story for me to write because I think everyone–both children and adults–have felt invisible at some point in their lives. I hope my story helps you to understand that you don’t have to be a superhero with extraordinary powers to be a real hero in someone else’s eyes. You can be a normal kid. You can be an average grown-up like me. All it takes is one person to reach out in kind ways to make a positive difference in the lives of those we touch: someone to acknowledge our presence and make us feel less invisible; someone to say kind words about us to our faces and, equally important, behind our backs; and someone to include us in a group, game, or activity. You are that one person.

In fact, since, teachers may be reading this, I truly think you are the greatest superheroes when it comes to making your students feel not-so-invisible :-).

Many authors write because of the encouragement they have received from teachers who see a spark in their students. You may be giving me an award, but I want to thank you for the sparks you make less-invisible on a daily basis. Teachers deserve a prize too!!”

Trudy Ludwig, Author of The Invisible Boy

Elc Book Award The Invisible Boy Cover

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