ELC’s Math Curriculum

28 October 2022

ELC follows the new Ontario Curriculum (2020), which incorporates six learning strands: social emotional learning skills in Mathematics and Mathematical processes; Number; Algebra (coding); Data; Spatial Sense (measurement), and Financial literacy. By focusing on mathematical process skills, teachers empower children to think mathematically. There are seven process skills: problem solving; reasoning and proving; reflecting; connecting; communicating; representing; and selecting tools and strategies. Our teachers explicitly discuss social emotional learning skills with the children to support their use of mathematical processes and their learning in connection with the other mathematical strands. Children learn to identify and manage their emotions, use strategies to be resourceful in working through challenging problems, communicate effectively, and learn to think critically and creatively. 
In the coming weeks we will highlight mathematics in practice at ELC, with the children making sense of the world around them through the mathematical processes available to them.


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Elc Summerfestivalofthearts K1toy62022

ELC’s Summer Festival of the Arts

Enrolment is now open for ELC’s Summer Festival of the Arts!
We are offering an exciting selection of experiences for children, including robotics, bookmaking, mini musicals, 3D modeling and printing, sports, engineering, mindfulness, and more…

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Elc Atelier Of Music In Garden

ELC The City School’s accreditation

ELC prides itself on delivering a world class educational experience and recently The City School welcomed re-accreditation by the Council for International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and College (WASC).

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Elc International Schools Learning And Beyond

What can ELC offer your child in preparation for high school and beyond?

ELC would like to extend a big welcome to all our families – new and current – as we return to campus learning. We thank you for your continued care and support amidst the ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic and look forward to seeing the children flourish together in the term ahead.

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