Father’s Day

Today at ELC, we commemorate the upcoming birthday anniversary on 5th December of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great, King Rama IX. Every year on this day we celebrate Father’s Day and now also the Thai National Day, to remember the many ways that King Bhumibol enriched the lives of people in Thailand, notably through his extensive sustainable development projects to improve water, agriculture, livelihoods, and health. ELC families were invited to watch our Y4 and K2 children perform some beautiful traditional Thai dances in honour of His Majesty King Rama IX: ในหลวงของแผ่นดิน (Nai Luang Khong Paen Din) ‘The King of the Land’; ยามเย็น (Yam Yen),  ‘Love the Sundown’; ยิ้มสู้ (Yim – Soo), ‘Smile’; รอยยิ้มของพ่อ (Roi Yim Khong Poh), ‘The Father’s smile’; and finally พ่อของแผ่นดิน (Poh

Kong Paen Din) ‘The Father of the land’. 

To all fathers in our ELC community, we wish you a very Happy Father’s Day!


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