festival of children’s literature

georgia heard

our poet in residence

Georgia Heard, a well-known poet and educator, mentored our aspiring poets at ELC during ‘The Festival of Children’s Literature’.  There were poetry readings, and installations where everyone was welcome to try their hand at reading, and/or writing poetry.

Reading is at the very heart of education, and the benefits of it to a young child cannot be overstated: it opens the door to academic success, imparts a love of learning, promotes maturity, increases discipline, influences morality, sparks curiosity – and satisfies it.

karin littlewood from the UK

Dsc 0001
Karin Littlewood – author of ‘Immi”

janice santikarn

Img 0004 Copy
Janice Santikarn – author of ‘The Little Blue Tuk Tuk’.

All children, parents and grandparents are invited to come together with us for this month-long celebration of the written word – and elves, wizards, goblins, fairies, and any other non-earthly creatures are also welcome. Whatever the medium, whether a sand drawing from Australia, a totem pole from Canada, a  water puppet from Vietnam, or a shadow puppet from Thailand, everyone, everywhere, has a story to tell.  

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stories from ELC

Year 4 Project: Journeys of Wisdom
For their Project this year, our Year 4 children embarked on an extraordinary journey into outer space. Each journey, we believe, is a repository of knowledge and wisdom. We live in a world abundant with data and information, but wisdom is scarce, and this became an anchor point in their Project journey. Inspired by the James Webb Telescope, and talks with NASA expert, the children set about to design their very own exoplanet.