It’s musical season at ELC!

17 May 2023

Our children from across the year groups have been delighting our ELC community with their performances. From solo presentations to ensembles, musicianship and performance promote neuroplasticity – our brain’s ability to change, reorganize, and grow, encourage the children to listen to one another, nurture their confidence, and of course allow us the freedom of emotional creativity and self-expression.

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stories from ELC

Elc Fundraising Event 01a

Art from the Heart Fundraising Event

Every morning this week, our ELC City Campus has been turned into an art gallery!

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Elc Athleticsday 01

Athletics Day 2023

This week the Y3-6 children participated in our annual Athletics Day.

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Elc International School Bangkok Songkran Celebrations 01a

Songkran Celebrations

The sweet perfume of jasmine and the kaleidoscopic colours of traditional Thai finery abound in our Songkran celebrations today at ELC.

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