Teaching and learning philosophy

“It is not so much that we need to think of the child who develops himself by himself but rather of a child who develops himself interacting and developing with others.” 

Loris Malaguzzi

Here at ELC, the building and sustaining of relationships are at the heart of our teaching and learning philosophy. The pandemic has brought many challenges, not least the difficulties of interpersonal communication; whilst the children have shown resilience and creativity throughout this time, children learn best in person, with their teachers, peers, and in our environment. Children make meaning of the world through their continuous interactions with others.

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stories from ELC

Year 4 Project: Journeys of Wisdom
For their Project this year, our Year 4 children embarked on an extraordinary journey into outer space. Each journey, we believe, is a repository of knowledge and wisdom. We live in a world abundant with data and information, but wisdom is scarce, and this became an anchor point in their Project journey. Inspired by the James Webb Telescope, and talks with NASA expert, the children set about to design their very own exoplanet.