Welcome Back to ELC

We’re already into our fifth week back at ELC and we have been so happy to hear the gardens once again filled with the children’s excited chatter and laughter and see the classrooms busy with the joys of discovery and learning. The ease with which the children have settled into school and connected with their friends and teachers has been possible because of the extraordinary efforts and commitment of our staff – online and in-person, the collaboration of parents and carers, and the resilience of our students, thank you!

We are proud to have been one of the first schools in Bangkok to re-open immediately following government approval for 5 full days a week to all children, and we are now at 95% in-person attendance. The rigour and implementation of our health protocols have been highly commended. Some of the ways we have mitigated against risk include: the creation of secure ‘pods’ on campus that are tested, sealed, and safe; ensuring a ‘bubble and seal’ approach for the entire campus; maintaining small classroom sizes, al fresco eating, and play times on rotation; and installing a dedicated Covid isolation centre on site. We have a strong community built on trust and respect between staff, students, and families, and we will continue to protect the health and safety of all to the best of our ability so that the children can learn, grow, and flourish, with their teachers and friends in our beautiful school.

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