What can ELC offer your child in preparation for high school and beyond?

Learning at ELC is uniquely a work of collaboration between teachers and students; they listen to each other, hypothesize, question, and debate together. This pedagogy of listening is practiced through a rigorous academic curriculum with an emphasis on creative and interdisciplinary thinking, whereby all curricular subjects are inter-connected through what we call ‘Project’. In ‘Project’, students develop and deepen their understanding of a particular topic and draw upon literacy, mathematics, physics, biology, and the arts amongst others, to ask questions, interrogate problems, and hone their ideas in relation to the topic. In this daily process of discovery,  students have the opportunity to explore through inquiry the curricular concepts relevant to the different disciplines and employ the full range of ‘languages’ available to them – cognitive, observational, communication, visual, and auditory. 

This collaborative, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approach provides a strong foundation for all senior level curricula including IB, British, and American education systems. Moreover, beyond formal schooling, the skills and tools with which the ELC approach furnishes a child are prescient of the future of work. Discrete and linear career trajectories are diminishing, whilst career portfolios are becoming the norm, and ELC’s approach fosters precisely the curiosity, the critical thinking, and the capacity for collaborative research and communication that will be valued in the future your child chooses.

We will hold an Open Evening soon for parents to learn more about the experiences and learning journey we can offer your child at ELC.

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