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Y5 project

17 May 2022

Inspired by the work of Gordon Hempton, an acoustic ecologist, the children engage in research about natural sounds and the impact of noise pollution. Eager to share their discoveries with the wider community, they develop a series of podcasts – The Sound Science Podcast.

Y5 Documentation Term 2
ELC Project Y5


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ELC’s Summer Festival of the Arts

Enrolment is now open for ELC’s Summer Festival of the Arts!
We are offering an exciting selection of experiences for children, including robotics, bookmaking, mini musicals, 3D modeling and printing, sports, engineering, mindfulness, and more…

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What is ‘Project’?

‘Project’ is at the heart of ELC; it is at once an overarching topic which connects all disciplines and a learning process whereby students and teachers co-construct knowledge.

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Elc International Schools Learning And Beyond

What can ELC offer your child in preparation for high school and beyond?

ELC would like to extend a big welcome to all our families – new and current – as we return to campus learning. We thank you for your continued care and support amidst the ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic and look forward to seeing the children flourish together in the term ahead.

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