How does ELC prepare your child for high school? Our Y6 children offer their own insights…

How does ELC prepare your child for high school? Our Y6 children offer their own insights…

Every year, ELC children go to the top high schools in Bangkok like NIST, Patana, ISB, and others (as well as overseas such as Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland). The feedback we get from these schools is telling; they report that ELC children transition very well because they know themselves and know how to think critically as researchers, contribute, and collaborate. 

We have Advisory Meetings in Y6 to support children in their transition to new schools. Maja and Abel are currently in Year 6 at ELC and will both enter NIST in the upcoming academic year. They kindly agreed to be interviewed to talk about their time at ELC and how they feel about the challenges ahead.

How would you say that being at ELC has supported and prepared you for managing your transition to high school? 

Maja: We work in groups and collaborate a lot at ELC as part of our learning, especially in Project, so teamwork is an important skill we’ve learnt here. 

Abel: In math we have the practice tests which help prepare us for what might come in middle school and high school. ELC is a very comfortable place where you can talk to everyone. I feel like we can ask whatever questions we want; we learn so much this way because we are not shy or afraid to ask our questions and share our ideas with each other.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at ELC? What was your favourite memory? What is your favourite room?

Abel: I have been at ELC since Kindergarten 2, so I think about all the different friends I have made each year when new people have arrived, and I’ve always enjoyed getting to know new teachers every year. I also really like the drama shows, it feels different in this school; because we spend a lot of time rehearsing together, we are all such good friends and support each other throughout it all. My favourite space is my own classroom now and in year 4, we made so many memories together and looking around the rooms we still share them with each other.

Maja: I really enjoyed our trip to Ayutthaya, that is a special memory for me. I think if I had to pick a favourite room it would be Ms. Rachael’s literacy space; it is so comfortable and we had a lot of fun in there when we worked together on a pretend podcast.

What will you take with you from ELC through life?

Maja: Whenever you have an idea, you think about how it might work and you share it with others, like we always do in class. 

Abel: In math, for example, we learn lots of different and unique strategies. For other tests in the future, we can remember the strategies we learnt at ELC and know that we can work through things.

What are you looking forward to about high school and beyond?

Abel: For me, I really want to go to take a major in business; I think I’ve found my passion.

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