K1 project

In Izzy and Nicole’s K1 class, the children’s interest in photography led us to investigate the hidden places of ELC. They took photos and later used graphic representation to imagine what lies just beyond what we can see. We are excited to share our imaginative narratives with our parents during our Project Learning Journey presentations.

Part One Izzy And Nicole Plj Post 3
Part Two Izzy And Nicole Plj Post
Part 3 Izzy And Nicole Plj Post 1
Part 4 Izzy And Nicole Plj Post 1

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stories from ELC

Where Storytelling begins…
We have an exciting new space at the City School in our Thai house, dedicated to storytelling and writing. Over the past few weeks, Ms. Rachael, our Literacy Coordinator, has invited the children into this space to explore its delights, to take a journey through literature, and to dream up ideas.