Y1 project

Some of our Y1 children have been researching the ways that they can take care of our solitary bees here on our planet. They have planned, designed and constructed a bee cafe: a space for bees to come and eat, drink and collect pollen for their all-important work. They are now designing a bee hotel: a space for them to rest and lay their eggs.

Y1 Andy & Nicole Plj Part 2 2021 2022
Dsc 0120
ELC International Schools Project

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Year 4 Project: Journeys of Wisdom
For their Project this year, our Year 4 children embarked on an extraordinary journey into outer space. Each journey, we believe, is a repository of knowledge and wisdom. We live in a world abundant with data and information, but wisdom is scarce, and this became an anchor point in their Project journey. Inspired by the James Webb Telescope, and talks with NASA expert, the children set about to design their very own exoplanet.