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Y1 project

13 May 2022

Some of our Y1 children have been researching the ways that they can take care of our solitary bees here on our planet. They have planned, designed and constructed a bee cafe: a space for bees to come and eat, drink and collect pollen for their all-important work. They are now designing a bee hotel: a space for them to rest and lay their eggs.

Y1 Andy & Nicole Plj Part 2 2021 2022
Dsc 0120
ELC International Schools Project


stories from ELC

Part One Izzy And Nicole Plj Post 2

K1 project

In Izzy and Nicole’s K1 class, the children’s interest in photography led us to investigate the hidden places of ELC. They took photos and later used graphic representation to imagine what lies just beyond what we can see. We are excited to share our imaginative narratives with our parents during our Project Learning Journey presentations.

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What is ‘Project’?

‘Project’ is at the heart of ELC; it is at once an overarching topic which connects all disciplines and a learning process whereby students and teachers co-construct knowledge.

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festival of children’s literature - ELC

festival of children’s literature

‘The Festival of Children’s Literature’, our month-long festival honours all those authors and illustrators who dedicate their time to the most important citizens of our global community by introducing them to reading.

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