Approach to learning

Ateliers - spaces for research

A place where brains and hearts, rationality, emotion and imagination all work closely together, the atelier is a space of research. It offers opportunities to both adults and children to encounter new ideas and languages in the processes of co-construction of knowledge. Approaching curricular concepts in a multitude of ways, the children develop a deeper understanding; these spaces of creative research are flexible and open to suggestions and modifications by the children’s processes of learning and research projects.

Atelier of Nature

Knowing and understanding nature is vital for the future citizens of our world.
ELC Atelier of Nature | City School International School Bangkok

Atelier of Digital Technology & Media Communications

Combining the real with the virtual, the cognitive with the imagination.
Learning Technology | City School International School Bangkok

Atelier of Light

Discovering the beauty of light as well as the immense spectacle of the universe.
Atelier Of Light | ElC The City School

Atelier of Humanistic Mathematics

How life reflects mathematics and mathematics reflects life.

Atelier of Expressive Languages

How to communicate thoughts and ideas in multiple artistic ways.
ELC Atelier of Expressive Languages Materials | The City School International School Bangkok

Atelier of Future Artisans

How technology supports learning and contributes to building knowledge.
ELC Altelier of Future Artisans | City School International School Bangkok

Theater of Imagination

Establishing a strong connection between mind and body through movement and dance.
Elc Theatre Of Imagination Decoration | The City School International School Bangkok

Atelier of Water

Exploring the concepts of mathematics and science, through water.
Elc Atelier Of Water Sciences Through Water | City School International School Bangkok

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Our integrated, transdisciplinary approach along with our rich environment provides a setting for students to learn and flourish.


We offer a broad, and rigorous international curriculum for children from 3 to 11 years of age that seamlessly connects to top international schools worldwide.

After School Activities

Our school offers a meaningful selection of after school activities, whether it is sports, the arts or language learning.