stories from ELC

Project Learning Journey Y2: Rewilding
Our Year 2 classes collaborated on a beautiful Rewilding Project this year. At the beginning of the year, each class set off in the world of botany researching their own particular interests: the relationships between colour, light, and plant life; the journey of a seed; and the form and function of florals.
Wan Wai Khru
Every school year, our children pay their respects to all our wonderful ELC educators, to express their gratitude and appreciation for the role they play in their lives.
Wonderland, The Musical!
We are so incredibly proud of all the children from Year 3-6, who worked so diligently over many months to delight us last week with their fantastic drama production of 'Wonderland, The Musical!'
'Poetry, poetry! Can be found,  In, out, and all around. But take a look inside your heart That’s where a poem truly likes to start.’ Georgia Heard