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Project Learning Journey Y3: Roz the AQI Robot
Under the umbrella research topic 'dialogues between nature and technology', our Year 3 children embarked on their Project journey last year, which led them to become robotic designers and engineers. The children were first invited to explore how technology can help us engage with nature - using digital cameras and stereoscopes to explore the natural world around them - and they began to ask questions and exchange ideas about how we define nature and technology and their relationship: ‘Nature is wonderful and we can learn from it!’ ‘If nature could communicate to humans, what would it say?’ ‘How can technology help nature?’
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‘Nothing without Joy.’ These words from Loris Malaguzzi are the heartbeat of teaching and learning at ELC International Schools. We believe that high quality learning is a joyful collective journey and helps cultivate the dispositions, capabilities, and aspirations of children for them to unlock their full potential and become impactful global citizens.
ELC End of Year Farewell
ELC's 2022-23 academic year has now come to a close! We want to take this opportunity to thank all our children, staff, and parents, for making this year one rich in learning, discovery, and friendship.