The Importance of Creativity in Education

’This place emboldens the culture of creativity.’ 

’The encouragement of free-thinking is great to see.’

‘[The children] learn to gaze and observe, to make a hypothesis and set up questions…it’s a wonderful learning process.’

The City School Parents

Our City School parents recently shared their thoughts during our mid-year Project share at our primary school in Bangkok, and what stood out was the universal recognition of the importance of creativity in their child’s educational journey. To thrive in a world of perpetually accelerating technological change, our children will have to excel at what technology can not; they need creativity to think outside existing data and cognitive frameworks to generate original ideas.

At ELC, creativity is at the heart of what we do at our international primary school in Bangkok. Through projects embedded in our inquiry-based learning programme, we nurture each child’s personal creative capacity. We know children are capable of engaging in research and generating new ideas, so we set them up for success in autonomous thought by providing abundant opportunities for creative self-expression and risk-taking; we use open-ended questions to focus on the ‘why’ not just the ‘what’, encouraging innovative thought and self-reflection, and we model and prioritise problem-solving skills so children can see a world of potential solutions.

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