Guide to ELC: Encountering our Learning Community

Would you like to learn more about what makes ELC special?

Let our children lead the way with their own ‘Guide to ELC’: ‘Encountering our Learning Community.’ Below are a selection of pages from this beautiful booklet written, illustrated, and curated by children from across ELC City School between 5-11 years old 2019-2022. The book was produced as part of a Year 1 class Project: the children expressed many curiosities about how ELC came about and how it works, and, through their own questions and research, developed a striking depiction of its history, its spaces of wonder and discovery, its community, and its core values. The children’s collective authorship is reflective of the kind of learning ELC nurtures – inquiry-led, experiential, and always respectful of each child’s voice.

2 Encountering 3
3 Encountering 44
4 Encountering 11
5 Encountering 12
6 Imaginative Play
7 Rights
8 Elc

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