Guide to ELC: Encountering our Learning Community

Would you like to learn more about what makes ELC special?

Let our children lead the way with their own ‘Guide to ELC’: ‘Encountering our Learning Community.’ Below are a selection of pages from this beautiful booklet written, illustrated, and curated by children from across ELC City School between 5-11 years old 2019-2022. The book was produced as part of a Year 1 class Project: the children expressed many curiosities about how ELC came about and how it works, and, through their own questions and research, developed a striking depiction of its history, its spaces of wonder and discovery, its community, and its core values. The children’s collective authorship is reflective of the kind of learning ELC nurtures – inquiry-led, experiential, and always respectful of each child’s voice.

2 Encountering 3
3 Encountering 44
4 Encountering 11
5 Encountering 12
6 Imaginative Play
7 Rights
8 Elc

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stories from ELC

Where Storytelling begins…
We have an exciting new space at the City School in our Thai house, dedicated to storytelling and writing. Over the past few weeks, Ms. Rachael, our Literacy Coordinator, has invited the children into this space to explore its delights, to take a journey through literature, and to dream up ideas.